Dallas Mavericks’ Luca Doncic

Luke Doncic is a Dallas Mavericks rookie and an emerging star in the field of Basketball. Before we know about the professional life of Luke Doncic we just take a small wonder about his personal life.

Early Life

Luke was born and raised in Oklahoma and also completed the early education from there. And lived in the family of 20 members in Trae Young before he moved out to fulfill his dream in his basketball professional life. He came from the family where there are other people who loved basketball especially his father Sasa Doncic who has the 15-year long career in basketball and scores at a strong rate in more than 12 leagues in all over central and Eastern Europe.


Professional life

Luke Doncic is a 19-year-old teenager who has become a young sensation in his early part of his career, currently, his is at the top of the ranking chart and playing the best season that any teenager player ever had in the professional league outside of NBA. Luke started his professional career at the age of 13 when he signed up with the Real Madrid and played first time against adults to polish his skills.

He was one of the few players who made their debut in ACB at the age of 16 and started as seeing rotation minute in the league of 2015 start but made a permanent place in the team in the campaign of at the start of 2016.

After closely observing his achievement in the campaign of 2016-2017 at the average of 4.4 rebounds, the point average of 7.8 and 3.7 assist in every game he completed the 2017 year strong. In the same year, he showed the average of 83 rebounds, 143 average points and 3.6 assists per match he leads Slovenia to the milestone of Gold Medal at Fiba Euro Basketball tournament 2017.

After that, at the beginning of 2018 he returned to Real Madrid maintaining his awesome performance by the average 14.5 points with the 4.6 assist and more importantly 52 rebounds per game and led them to Euroleague championship and got the League highest scorer award.

Luca Doncic Inspires Dallas Mavericks

Current achievements

Currently, Luke is playing with the Dallas Mavericks and created the buzz of this club in the fans which have never been like that in years. In his last game against Timberwolves, a victory by the 140 to 136 points made the crowd go wild. This victory was 3 times higher than any game Dallas played in the last season. Luke is so popular nowadays that there were 3 guards appointed just to keep Autograph seeker Away from Luke.

Luke Doncic is the only best thing happened with Dallas after 2011 when they dismantled their championship team. After that it was a downfall for Dallas team has never won the playoff series and had win average of 285 only But all of this changed after Luke showed up as an angel for this club.

Now as this shining star is rising it is becoming a blessing for Dallas and more than that it is possible that this youngster will ones again led Dallas to the championship trophy, and ones again Dallas will be above all