Technology Business In Dallas TX

As technology progresses on daily basis, so do our needs and desires. One particular place where this is mostly obvious is the business industry and the implications of technology in today’s businesses is gigantic.
Before we get to Dallas, Texas, we first need to lay some groundwork on what a technology business is? Well most of the time you will find them named a tech company, or technology company.

Regardless of the name what they represent is the same thing. Technology business is a business that its main product is something modern and that has advanced technology behind it.

Such businesses can operate on many different field. Starting from daily things like smart phones, think Apple, Samsung, Huawei etc. Or they can produce spaceships and promise to send people to Mars in a few short years, as is the case with Space X.

Most of the time we have these companies to thank for some of the greatest advancements ever made on their respective fields, but not only… You see, these technology businesses are rapidly growing and can be found in many places of the world. There is a lot of good in this! As you could guess, these businesses provide a lot of jobs for everyday citizens.

Dallas, Texas is no different as far as tech companies go. Actually, the state of Texas and Dallas consequently, have a great number of big technology businesses thanks to Texas’ low taxes.

“Fortune 500 companies” is a list of the top 500 corporates within US soil, ranked based on their income. 23 of “Fortune 500 companies” are located in Texas. Number 9 on this list is AT&T, which has its headquarters in Dallas. There are also 8 other companies listed in here that are based in Dallas.

Obviously, not all of them are technology businesses, but the one ranked the highest are South West Airlines, Energy Transfer Equity, HollyFrontier are also part of the list, based on Dallas and are technology companies.

Other less famous technology companies that you will find in Dallas include: Ensco Plc, Gap Broadcasting Group, id Software, InfoCom Corporation,, Alkami, Matrix Business Technologies, Blue Stars Sports, NectarOM, LifeBlue, Oculus, Merit Energy Company, Mumbo Jumbo, Think Finance the list goes on.

A lot of these companies provide different types of services, what they have in common is the fact that all of these companies use high advanced technology to provide for their costumers.

We also mentioned in the beginning that these companies provide a lot of new jobs for the local people. This is very true in Dallas. A simple Google check will land you at numerous pages that provide jobs in the Technology sector.

For example we just took a look at the website of We decided to search simply for technology. The results came back like this there are 18,166 open jobs, waiting to be claimed, in the department of technology. All of these jobs being in Dallas, Texas.

So at the end of the day technology businesses are a real good thing, the good that they bring to society is really priceless, and Dallas seems to have a very good relationship with these companies.